They walk in eternity and occasionally stumble over it.

Follow five unique incarnations of the Doctor on their aimless wanderings through space and time in comedic audio adventures brought to you by 5WF.







The Aimless Wanderings Forum is Closing Down (Again!)
After several months of fun - and yes, a few hiccups too - it is with heavy hearts that we here at 5WF have decided to close down the Aimless Wanderings Forum. There are a few reasons behind this. Firstly, it was becoming impossible for us to regulate, even though…
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Further Apologies – Further Details and Cover Art Released!
The Doctor, David and Pip have just embarked on their new wave of adventures. To find out a little about what's in store, we've released further details on all of the stories, as well as the cover art for the next three instalments... [caption id="attachment_9695" align="aligncenter" width="474"] No Strings Attached[/caption]…
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