Forbidden Fruit Pastel – Soundtrack Now Available!
You can now download the Forbidden Fruit Pastel soundtrack with music by Benji Clifford and Billy Treacy. The album contains 9 tracks and is free to download from here. The track list is as follows: 01 Theme 02 The Story Begins 03 Pastel on Skaro 04 Dilbert the Dalek 05 A Fruit Man?…
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The Brewery – Available Now!
The third and final story of the Fruit Pastel Doctor’s first wave is now available to listen to for free! The Doctor, alongside his new friends, returns to Pastelbury. But something’s not quite right… The story stars Benji Clifford as the Doctor, Dilbert the Dalek and Fred Elliot, Christopher Thomson as Bellal and Ashley Peacock, George Broad…
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