Dynamite of the Doctor


The Doctor and his companion Tulip encounter a problem whilst inside the TARDIS, and The Doctor opens up about his past. Again.

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Jon Gransden

Billy Treacy
Benji Clifford
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

26 thoughts on “Dynamite of the Doctor”

  1. This is the weakest story from Aimless Wanderings. Because of the pointless sexual references, the boring and underused plot and the dull sub plot about the time war.

    However, the execution is still up to high standards.


    It could have been worse. It could have been ‘Whatever Happened to… Susan?”

    1. You are aware the Dynamite stories are more a parody of the new series? Hence pointless sexual references, the endless nods to the Time War, etc etc.

      1. Yes Lewis, but like I told Jon, the problem is it’s not funny and can get a bit boring after half the episode (well, the sexual references do at least). It also made me weary of The Dynamite Doctor until re listens of “Convolution Of The Doctor” made me like it (and him) more, as well as the gold rod of dynamite which is “Blobatron”.

        Is it me, or is Joel H. Joelson the BEST writer for The Dynamite Doctor? Just need “Fondness And Creatures” to be brilliant and he is, undisputely.

        1. It is official. Joel IS the BEST writer for The Dynamite Doctor, and needs to write/co-write at least two episodes for Dynamite’s 2nd (Howdy Sweetpea).

  2. Thank you, SageOfMuzzyness. You are wise in the field of film and media classification.

    (Not an actual field you know, it’s a figure of speech).

    Anyone else? You have until this Friday to say so here or on the forum on the NPBFC page.

  3. Dynamite Of The Doctor Re-rating (21/08/2015)

    Rated 12: Contains frequent moderate sexual references. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over. Not suitable for anyone below that age.

      1. Oh, really. I guess I and Sage Of Mazzyness will just have to carry on ourselves and dicscuss future ratings and future re-ratings.

        You did give me a lot of trouble over the iDalek rating that, in the end, made me not care about that one’s rating (weather it would be a ‘U’ or a ‘PG’- it is a ‘PG’ as you said, but then you asked it to go back to ‘U’, which got me annoyed). So for me not to care about something I’m passionate about, keen to do and do it for the greater good, for me to not care is a very bad thing.

        So, well done Lewis Christian. I hope you are happy. And if not, I hope you stay that way. That’lle teach you.

        (And I’m not even caring about the spelling mistakes anymore.)

        1. And they’re not random, they are considered. This is why I asked people if this story should stay as ‘PG’ or raised by ’12’. The same with me taking your advice on “iDalek” from being raised from ‘U’ to ‘PG’- which is another reason why I was cross when you wanted to put it back to ‘U’- after I had changed it the same day the original rating came out. “Dynamite Of The Doctor”‘s re-rating came six days later, after (im0patient waiting and only one response to the question (again, thank you Sage Of Mazzyness). Now, never, you or anyone else question MY certifications unless you find them wrong and it should be higher or lower. Any other reasons (e.g. ‘Oh, but they’re not inmportant, they arn’t nessaccary, ennnernenrenner! (annoying moaning snoff ssounds”) are not to be written.

          In addition this, there will be strikes…
          Three at maximum. I have lost paticence with people like Lewis and William Mumford. It’s a shame they are not like people like Sage Of Mazzyness and The Fat Controller Doctor, people WHO respect what I do and write…

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