Convolution of the Doctor – Part Two


The Doctor and his latest replaceable companion Christie travel to Cardiff to meet a new old friend, but a new old enemy from the Time War has other ideas.

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Jon Gransden

Joel H Joelson
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

2 thoughts on “Convolution of the Doctor – Part Two”

  1. An even better pay off to the brilliant set up we got last time. Parading ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ in a comedic and effective way, and referencing stories before (and possibly after) this story.
    I was not that keen on Joel’s early stories, but after hearing them again, especially after later stories, show that these early work is really good. This is a great story and this episode in particular is the better one, but the whole story is brilliant.



    And don’t forget to listen out for a Billy Treacy American Police Officer cameo when Christie meets The Sorry Doctor.

  2. Rated PG: Contains mild violence, threat, horror and language, & some sexual references and a scene of injury detail. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.

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