David’s Grave


The Doctor and David come across a Space Oracle in a graveyard. And David is dead.

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The Doctor
Sir Jim Keith
The Zygons
Not David
Lord Bogroll
Space Oracle

Written by

Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Daniel Sherratt
David McLaughlin
Billy Treacy
Benji Clifford
Joel H Joelson
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

Billy Treacy, David McLaughlin & Joel H Joelson
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

5 thoughts on “David’s Grave”

  1. Another great story with three brilliant stories placed him. There is very little wrong.


    Very little wrong.

    Rated PG: Contains frequent mild language, rude humor and some violence. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General Viewing, but some scenes may be unstable for young children.

  2. Main Story: David’s Grave-by Billy Treacy- 10/10
    Story 1: Game Of Thorns, by David McLaughlin- 7/10
    Story 2: Let Zygons be Bygons, by Joel H. Joelson- 9/10
    Story 3: Timerash, by Billy Treacy- 8/10
    Highest score (Overall story score): 10/10

    Main Story and Story 1 both Rated ‘U’. Story’s 2 & 3 both rated ‘PG’ .

    1. This makes no sense. This is the equivalent of rating individual scenes in a TV show / film. I’m a little worried for your sanity :p

      Glad you enjoyed the story though. This is one of Sorry’s best, for sure!

  3. Not really, because they are individual story’s within a story (like ‘Jim’ but without interruptions)

    Besides, the had individual titles on the old site. They’ve all just been merged into the whole story description.

    And you are right, this is one of Sorry’s best, if not, the best (so far)!

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