A Message from Billy Treacy

Today marks the one year anniversary of our series of audio adventures titled Doctor Who: Aimless Wanderings.

On the 20th September last year, I released Evil of the TARDIS. It was an experiment more than anything. It’s something that has gained a small number of very loyal followers who have come to enjoy it almost as much as we do!

Two DoctorsOf course, I can’t go without mentioning some of the wonderful people who have been involved over this past year. Firstly, Daniel Sherratt, who was with me from the beginning with nothing but enthusiasm and support. His keyboard has served The Pompous and Sorry Doctors in their adventures well, and he’s never disappointed me or let me down.

Jon Gransden, of course, allowed me – reluctantly, admittedly – to create these in the first place, and has since become a big part of them (you probably know him as Dynamite) with an interest that was hard and well earned. His Doctor’s definitely one of the funnest to write for, and Jon’s performance is a big part of that.

I’ve got to give credit to the chap giving our audios a really professional feel: our very own Benji Clifford, our Monster Man and Fruit Pastel Doctor. Benji’s managed to get me laughing and terrified in equal measure – sometimes at the same time. Audios are things he cares passionately about, and it really shows. He never delivers anything but the best content I could ask for. On a side note, Benji and Chris (who I’ll get onto in a moment) have just released their own absolute corker of a story titled Freedom of the Daleks. You can listen to it for free here.

Helping us out throughout the year, Christopher Thomson has graced us with his wide range of voices, playing a variety of characters from the average bored shop worker to the poshest of Oxford to the everyman of Jim. I’ve worked with him on numerous occasions in the past and really look forward to working more with him in the future. Check out his voice showreel to see what I mean!

Three Doctors 2One of the greatest things to have come out of this is finding the incredible Joel H Joelson (if that is his real name). He approached me with a few ideas a while back, and A Good Pug Goes to War remains one of my favourite stories. His work never fails to have everyone (I’ve never heard the soon-to-be-mentioned Richard B Brookes laugh so hard and so consistently), and it’s always inventive, fascinating and – to put it mildly – brilliant. Since he’s joined I’ve co-written a lot of stories with him (many of which aren’t yet released), and it’s by far the most enjoyable writing experience I could ask for. We’re keeping ahold of him while we can, because we’re certain he’s going to be the next Douglas Adams. This guy’s going places (although we’ll be happy if he stays where he is for now thank you very much).

Dropping in from time to time is our resident sci-fientist, Richard B Brookes. His ad-libbing has become legendary. He’s not unlike a pug dog that you can’t keep on a lead: he’ll never do exactly what you want, but he’ll still be hilarious. He also helped with our latest photoshoot, and did a pretty swell job. I’m currently running FiveWhoFans with him at the moment – although he tends to have the best ideas.

We’ve found a great Master in Sam Dimitrijevic, and I look forward to hearing more from the crummiest arch nemesis ever. He remains really enthusiastic about the project, and I’m so happy to have someone with his attitude onboard (although steer clear of him at parties). Enjoy his videos here, but BE WARNED: it’s some crude/funny stuff.

Four Doctors Line UpI can’t not mention Ellie Boskett, my other half, naturally. She’s been really supportive as the photographer for most of our photo shoots and somehow continues to put up with me. She’s also agreed to get a pug with me one day. Please check out her Flickr Account, as she’s immensely talented and has lots of pictures of puppies.

Finally, I’ve got to thank you lot: our lovely listeners! As I said before, there’s not an enormous number of you, but those of you that listen to our stuff are unfailingly enthusiastic and loyal. You really do make all of this worth it!

I’m really sorry if I’ve missed anyone out, as I’ve put this together in a bit of a rush! This past year has flown by so quickly and I’ve had so, so much fun working on all of this. Time flies, hmm?

Thanks for a great year, everyone! Here’s to another!

Billy Treacy