The Story Teller


“I’m going to tell you a story about a world where stories are illegal to be told… That is, until The Doctor arrived…”

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Phoenix Smith

Joel H Joelson
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

12 thoughts on “The Story Teller”

  1. Hi. I’ve been watching 5whofans for a few years now, but in the past few months have discovered and listened to your audio plays. They are fantastic, just get better and better, but this one is simply fantastic. I’ve never heard breaking the 4th wall done so ingeniously before. Sounds amazing every time I listen to it, and the final speech has some fantastic layers to it. Thank you so so much for putting these plays on for people like me to listen to!

  2. Okay. here it goes.

    The Story Teller is one of the most popular, beloved and, in my opinion, overrated stories. But does that mean it’s actually bad? Hell no!

    Whilst I would put it in the bottom five of the wave (instead of the top five), it is still a really good and performed story.

    For a start, the forth wall breaking is one of the more better delivered one and one of the best narrated stories to come out.

    More importantly is the execution of the story narration and it’s wall breaking. and how does guest narrator and Aimless wanderings newcomer (at the time) Phoenix Smith do?

    He does an apsaloute outstanding job!

    It also make sense form a live telling point of view, as The Story Teller is scared when things go wrong, and you (The Auidence) can feel this.

    The comedy and action are raised to high standards, and Billy Treacy and Joel H. Joelson (I presume)’s voices later on add to the realisuim and the live setting point of view.

    The speech (which I do not think was inspired by the speech from ‘The Rings Of Akhaten’, but more of an original one). Is really well performed, and most importantly, felt.

    Whilst not connected to the overall series plot like the other stories, it is refreshing to have a non overall plot related story every now and again.

    And that ending… WOW!

    Overall, I do not think this is the golden standard that it is praised to be, but still a ruddy good story that does almost everything perfectly.

    My enjoyment for this story has grown further, but I still find it overrated. However, fantastically put together.


    1. Wow. 9/10? For that much controversy hype I was expecting an 8 or 7. Anyways carry on with the good work.

  3. Rated 12: Contains one use of bleeped strong language, one use of bleeped mild language, frequent mild language and moderate action violence and threat. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over. Not to be supplied to anyone below that age.

    Rated ’12A’ between Tuesday 18th November- Monday 24th November 2014. Rated ’12’ from Tuesday 25th November 2014.

  4. Strong language explained:

    Non-fiction: If strong language is bleeped or only attempted, it may be considered for a ‘PG’ rating, particularly if there is only one or a few uses. If not bleeped, or there is frequent strong language, will be automatically given a ’12’ rating or higher.
    Fiction: All strong language (even bleeped and/or attempted) will automatically be given a ’12’ rating or higher.

    This is only for strong language. Some, mild and moderate language can (and do) get considered/given lower certifications (although moderate is less so than some and mild).

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