Five Credits a Month


In an attempt to make The Doctor a better man, Wren and Tim take him to Planet Debitron, a world suffering from poverty. That is, if you believe the charity appeals…

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The Doctor
Wren Stark

Written by
Additional Music
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Billy Treacy
Britty Lea
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Thomson
Matthew Beale
Holly B
Sebastian Treacy

Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Kevin MacLeod
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy

4 thoughts on “Five Credits a Month”

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    Not only is this Darker Path’s greatest (and most overlooked) story, but one of Aimless Wanderings’ best!

    So much goodness! So much to enjoy and so much greatness put into a story usually ignored by most audiences.

    But I can asure you that when I first heard this I loved it. And whilst it’s not that high now, it’s still an apsaloute classic!


    P.s am I spelling ‘apsaloute’ wrong? Because I think I am.

    1. I think it’s an underrated gem as well. I think most people forget about it because it’s sandwiched in-between two of the most popular stories and it’s also much shorter than the other two. However I think it’s just as excellent as those two stories. I also really loved how socially relevant the story is.

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