Aimless Wanderings Soundtracks Now Available to Download!

As you’ll all be aware, we’ve been redecorating this site for some time now (or, to put it more aptly, we’ve knocked down everything and started again from the ground up). This has meant that for the past few weeks, you’ve not had an awful lot of access to the old bonus features that we used to have, many of which we still have to add!

To make up for it, we’ve put our heads together and we’re happy to announce that all of the soundtracks we’ve previously released for our audios can now be downloaded for free!



Beforehand, it was possible to access music from our stories, but not to download it, so we thought we’d make it a more enjoyable experience for our listeners. We’ve also changed it so that our soundtracks are separated into waves and specials, rather than into Doctors like before, which allows for them to be more contained. It also means you won’t have to keep going back to re-download Pompous Doctor tracks.

Alongside these re-releases, we’ve added some new tracks to the Darker Paths soundtrack: Debitron, Run Away, We’ve Crashed, Good Dog and Prepare for War.

You can directly download everything from our new Soundtrack page. Let us know what your favourite track is in the comments section!

There are still plenty of changes and updates to make to this site, but we hope you enjoy what we’ve put together in the meantime!

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  1. Going to binge on the soundtracks tonight. They deserve to be binge material.

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