Episode Titles Revealed for Boom Goes the Dynamite

We’ve recently released a special video looking at the making of the Dynamite Doctor’s first wave: Boom Goes the Dynamite.

At the end of the video, titles for all five of the most destructive Doctor’s first chunk of episodes were announced. You can find the list – alongside the writers – below:

More of the Daleks
by Billy Treacy

by Joel H Joelson

The Last Laugh
by Phoenix Smith

Fondness and Creatures
by Joel H Joelson

Boredom of the Doctor
by Billy Treacy

The first episode, More of the Daleks, is due to be released this June.

6 thoughts on “Episode Titles Revealed for Boom Goes the Dynamite”

  1. Blobatron looks interesting with Fondness and creatures sounding like a parody of Love and Monsters. More of the Daleks will probably become my second favourite Dalek story just behind iDalek and in front of Daleks of the Apocalypse. The Last Laugh and Boredom of the Doctor just sound Dynamite!

    1. Benji’s Fruit Pastel is mine, if I’d have to rank them it would go 1. Fruit Pastel 2. Dynamite 3. Pompous 4. Sorry (Sorry Dan) 5. Quincy (Seeing she hasn’t got any stories yet)

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