A Sorry State of Affairs


A newly regenerated Doctor spreads chaos across the quiet village of Pastelbury, while he tries to find himself in the wake of a personal meltdown.

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The Doctor
Radio Announcer
Radio Presenter
Detective Arnold
Constable Jim
Shop Assistant
Elderly Woman
Bus Driver
Old Man Ronald
Cricket Umpire
The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Dilbert the Dalek
The Bartender

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Daniel Sherratt
Joel H Joelson
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Joel H Joelson
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Richard B Brookes
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Joel H Joelson
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Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
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16 thoughts on “A Sorry State of Affairs”

  1. LUNGS! Oh regeneration energy, how pretty! I was on Mondas with Dilbert the Dalek! This is just brilliant, my list of Doctors have changed 1. Fruit Pastel 2. Dynamite 3. Sorry 4. Pompous 5. Quincy. This was worth the wait, I’m really looking forward to Further Apoligies!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Love how Sorry gradually develops his timid nature and the ending speech from the Bartender! Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for Sorry in “Further Apologies!”

  3. Really enjoyed that. For me the funniest moments was either Ronald listing off Fruit Pastel’s crimes or the bus driver and old woman threatening smack based justice on Sorry. I also liked how much of the village and village life in general you were able to explore in such a chaotic way.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. Maybe one day we’ll find out how the Doctor met David. Absolutely loved Billy’s old woman. So funny!

  5. “You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I! He was arrested literally seconds later, turns out he was a serial killer and he said to all his victims just before he killed them” Bravo Bartender

  6. A title drop, a mythology gag, AND a shout-out to Hot Fuzz?

    WHY does this webseries NOT have a TV Tropes page? There’s a wiki for this series, but not a TV Tropes page. I think it would be fun if there was a TV Tropes page for this series.

    In case you’re wondering, the site may be called TV Tropes, but they have pages for any kind of fiction. Even audio plays.

    Seriously, SOMEBODY at FiveWhoFans, make a TV Tropes page.


  7. Well, it’s time. How does The Sorry Doctor’s post-regenarative story “A Sorry State Of Affairs” stand?

    Fantastic. Apsaloutly FANTASTIC! Holy moses is it a briulliant listen.
    9/10. Lots of great stuff set within only a few miles of the pub, mostly in Pastelbury. Awsume!

    And stay tune for Fruit Pastel’s message at the end!

    Certification: Rated PG: Contains mild rude humor and language. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.

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