Doctor Who: Twitter Adventures Return for 2015

We’ve had multiple requests for more Twitter Adventures after last year we gave each of our Doctors a different story tweeted over the course of an hour. We’re happy to announce that our Doctors will be returning this year for more!

Follow the Fruit Pastel Doctor, the Sorry Doctor, the Pompous Doctor, the Dynamite Doctor and (new this year!) the Quintessential Doctor on Twitter for five brand new stories! You can see the cover art below.






#PastelburyFete, #TheLastPicnic, #AttackOfTheSaxons, #DestinationDeathVI and #CyberCivilWar will be made available over the course of the year. There may be a slightly longer wait for the Quintessential Doctor’s story, depending on when her debut standalone story The Dark at the Start.

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  1. Thank god Jacob remembered these existed, otherwise… Yeah. Be honest 5WF, you forgot to.

      1. The Fruit Pastel Twitter adventure came out an hour before you posted that comment.

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