The Aimless Wanderings Site Needs YOU!

For the last couple of months we’ve been building this new site almost from scratch, and we’ve nearly reached the point where we’re quite happy with how things are looking.

What we’d like to know is what you think we could do to improve the site. Is there anything you’d like us to feature or change? Are you having difficulties navigating the website? Do you have any suggestions concerning the layout or how we operate?

There are still a few things we have in mind that we’re planning to get around to, such as a new static page to act as the homepage. What do you think we should be featuring on it?

We’d like to thank those who have emailed us about broken links or faults concerning the site. It’s a pretty big undertaking and of course we’ll be the first to admit that we will get things wrong from time to time!

Our main aim with is to create a site that is as easy to use and as enjoyable an experience as possible, and we’d welcome some feedback as to what you all think so far!

20 thoughts on “The Aimless Wanderings Site Needs YOU!”

  1. It would be cool if the banner changed for each doctor or if you could create something like the other banner before making this website. Can’t wait for The Dark at the Start. Love your stuff.

    1. Thanks for the idea, Rhys! We do have something like this planned, but we’re waiting on some fancy illustrations. It’s good to know there’s some demand for it though! We should see a change in the banner (or banners) in a couple of weeks…

  2. You guys forgot the “Behind the Scenes” photo shoot video (back when it was just Billy, Dan, and Jon as the Doctors – my, how the times have changed since two years ago!) Hope this helps!

  3. I just got off the computer when I realized you guys also forgot “Fetch” and Billy Treacy’s “letter to the fans” commemorating one year of this series. (At least, I think it was one year… )

    So, hope this also helps.

    NOW, I’m getting off the computer. Just as soon as I post this comment.

  4. Might be a bit of an ask but would it be possible if you were to add the soundtracks from both fruit pastel specials? that would be grand! aprt from that, everything’s great!

  5. I love the site but if your asking I have some nitpicks! 1. The Banner should change to a different Doctor when they have or just have had their wave/special, say now because Dynamite’s wave is airing it should be Dynamite on the banner 2. Now that Quintessential’s got her special coming up could you add it on her board of adventures. Otherwise, completely fine…

    1. Okay, so to address these suggestions:
      1. Great idea! We do have something in mind similar to this, but we’re waiting on some snazzy illustrations from our resident slave-we mean artist. We should have something ready in the next couple of weeks!
      2. We’re not entirely sure what you’re suggesting with Quintessential? We’ve got The Dark at the Start listed on her page, but if you mean putting her adventure on the menu, we’re afraid we can’t do this until we’ve released it in a couple of month’s time, as it requires a link!

  6. A lot of my nitpicks have already been brought up. Though in the sections of each Doctor I would like the information on which Doctor is channelling to be featured. I’d also like the Television archive on the site but I assume you would have gotten round to that regardless of feedback.

    1. Hey, William! We’ve added the Television Archive again so you can view all of our Aimless Wanderings Doctor’s visual appearances. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Could you have a twitter adventure for the Quintessential doctor too? or am i asking too much from you guys?

  8. All you need now is the competition results involving that Fruit Pastel competition and the teaser for War of the Doctors (the one that was released before any of the parts came out) and you should be pretty much done with adding content. But now I just feel spoilt.

  9. Thx guys, if you need cover art I could probably email you a Dynamite one or a Fruit Past (etc. Quincy, Pompous)

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