A dark and dangerous secret lies in the depths of the abandoned Blobbyland theme park…

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The Doctor
Christie Christwald
Sergeant Derek Maccaw
Mr Blobby
Noel Edmunds

Narrated by

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Jon Gransden
Christel Dee
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt
Joel H Joelson
Benji Clifford
Christopher Thomson

Billy Treacy

Joel H Joelson
David Boskett
David Boskett
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy & Joel H Joelson
Billy Treacy

28 thoughts on “Blobatron”

  1. Great story filled with a lot of incredibly memorable lines and genuine atmosphere. There’s also some great bits looking into the relationship between Dynamite and Christie that really fits with the spontaneous nature of Dynamite. Also I really love Mr. Blobby’s plan, on paper it feels more suited to an internet meme than an actual story but the way it’s presented avoids being offensively stupid whilst also preserving the comedy. If I had to complain I may say that Christel could have emoted more at certain points but I’ll have to re-listen to make sure I’m certain of that as I am in a bit of a pessimistic mood (probably because I’m in the middle of listening to Minuet in Hell.)

    1. Relistened to it. Nah I think Christel’s delivery is fine. It really was just my annoyance at Minuet in Hell rubbing onto this. Also this and The Story Teller have made me realise how amazing Joel is at narration. I rate this story 5 soul sucking giant Mr Blobby’s out of 5.

    1. The Kaboom Doctor? Don’t tell me it’s another bloody alternate 5th Doctor. Though the unborn Lancashire Accent Doctor is easily the most underated Aimless Wanderings Doctor. Even more underated than Doctors 7-13 that were to bloody lazy to help fight Pompous.

  2. DYNAMITE!!!!! THIS WAS AMAZING!!! And a little scary, i listened to it in the Dark, probably not the best thing to do. Can’t wait until Phoenix’s ‘The Last Laugh’!!! Come on Tulip, back to the Tardis!

  3. Some one should do ‘Loving the Original Doctor’ a ‘Loving the American Doctor’ and a ‘Loving the Lancashire Accent Doctor’

    1. Loving the Lancashire Accent Doctor:
      Step 1. Watch that one moment in War of the Doctors Part Six where he’s briefly mentioned.
      Step 2. Fanfiction
      Step 3. Fanart?
      Step 4. Give up

      1. OK so you technically can’t watch War of the Doctors (at least not without the aid of action figures).

  4. Loving the Original Doctor
    Step 1. Listen to what we’ve got (e.g Go back to ‘Convolution of the Doctor and listen to when Christie meets the Original Doctor)
    Step 2. Figure Adventures (Listen to everything he’s in and reenact those moments with action figures)
    Step 3. Fanfiction (Write about the many possible adventures everyone’s favourite doctor could have had before he regenerated into Fruit Pastel)
    Step 4. Give Up
    Step 5. Go on an Original Doctor rampage!

    1. A true Original Doctor fan wouldn’t forget about the bit in Jim Part 3 (even if it is basically just Pompous in Time Lord School).

  5. Step 1 doesn’t specififie that there is only Convolution of the Doctor, it says ‘Listen to what we’ve got’ which includes that bit in Jim

    1. Sorry. 🙁 Wait Original would not approve of sad smileys. Then again he wouldn’t approve of me saying sorry as he doesn’t like to be reminded of his future incarnations.

  6. Loving the American Doctor:
    Step 1. Listen to War of the Doctors Part Six where everyone’s favourite doctor is first and only featured in the Aimless Universe!
    Step 2. Figurez Bestz! (Start creating your own adventures with your very own custom the American Doctor figure (Or whatever figure takes your fancy))
    Step 3. Fanfiction!
    Step 4. American Doctor rampage (BINGO!!)

    1. Loving the Quintessential Doctor:
      1. Listen to War of the Doctors
      2. Obsess over promotional images featuring her, and obsessively read her description and wiki page
      3. Ramble to your friends about how well they did a female Doctor and how Steven Moffat would do it so much worse.
      4. Cosplay?
      5. Fanfiction
      6. Rampage
      7. Wait for The Dark at the Start
      8. Repeat the steps.

    2. Loving the Fruit Pastel Doctor:
      1. Go through the stories featuring him
      2. Cosplay
      3. Get annoyed when everyone thinks you’ve come as Tom Bker
      4. Complain about his regeneration on Tumblr
      5. Fruit Pastel Rampage
      6. Get arrested after crashing a milk float into the post office during your rampage

  7. Loving the Sorry Doctor:
    1. Listen to all his appearances
    2. Apologise a lot!
    3. Cosplay
    4. Get angry when people say you’ve made a really bad 5th doctor costume!
    5. Run away in true Sorry Doctor fashion as the people chase you!
    6. Build a Sorry Doctor shrine
    7. Spam on tumblr how A Sorry State of Affairs is the best audio ever!
    8. Wait for Further Apoligies
    9. Get bored of waiting and go on a Sorry Doctor rampage!
    10. Get arrested by the police when you try to fall from a wire which is a mile high in the sky!

    1. Loving the Pompous Doctor:
      1. Listen to his stories
      2. Watch his appearances on FiveWhoFans
      3. Get a pug
      4. Plan a cosplay
      5. Try to find a copy of the coat online
      6. Fail
      7. Give up for a month
      8. Try to find the coat again
      9. Fail
      10. Try to make the coat yourself
      11. Fail
      12. Assaulting someone in the street due to your anger.
      13. Try to run away from the police trying to arrest you
      14. Fail
      15. Fail one more time just for old time’s sake.

    2. Loving the Dynamite Doctor:
      1. Listen to his stories
      2. Watch the OneWhoFan
      3. Practice saying ‘No it can’t be! In the mirror
      4. Kiss everyone you meet
      5. Kill an old lady by strapping some Dynamite in her hand
      6. Realise you’ve gone to far and rethink your life.

    1. 1. Read his comments (that is if you are a he)
      2. Fanfiction
      3. Sassy Doctor Rampage
      4. Obsessively refresh the pages to see if any more comments been posted
      5. Uh

  8. And just to put the ‘loving’ lists to rest
    Loving Aimless Doctors 7-13:
    1. Listen to the moment in WOTD part 1 where Quincyssential mentions them
    2. Imagine the conversations Quincy must have had with those Doctors when failing to recruit them
    3. Watch other DW comedy things and imagine them as those Doctors e.g. Squid Doctor as 7, Web of Caves as 8 and maybe Curse of the Fatal Death as 9-13 though 13’s reactions to a woman may put a whole in that theory.
    4. Write some unbound stuff where they weren’t lazy sh*ts and actually helped fight pompous
    5. Wait for any of them to actually be introduced
    6. Wallow in your own loneliness

    1. urgh. I wish I could edit comments. My mistakes on that comment are already bugging me.

  9. Not to sure why…… but this is by far my favourite Aimless Wanderings story. But, we’ll see what Forbbiden Fruit Pastel has to say about that, later this year…..

  10. Now, if “The Story Teller” is the most popular Joel H. Joelson script and “More Of The Daleks” is the most popular Dynamite Doctor story, what’s the one that I feel is both together?

    The answer: Blobatron

    An epic, trilling, brilliantly gory story that is technically a horror story set in Somerset (I bet you thought Blobbyland was in Gloucestershire, didn’t you? I did some research).

    A fantastic story. 10/10. And the Noel Edmunds appearance. Brilliant.

    Rated 12: Contains Strong bloody violence, horror, threat, rude humor and one use of bleeped mild language. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over. Not to be supplied to anyone below that age.

    Rated ‘12A’ between Thursday 2nd July- Wednesday 8th July2015. Rated ‘12’ from Thursday 9th February 2015.

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