Pastel Hugs a Blobatron in Teaser Image

We’re not revealing any details for our upcoming Aimless Wanderings project, but who cares when you can see the Fruit Pastel Doctor hugging a Blobatron?!


The artwork was produced by Jon Gransden in the same style as the new website banners to make up for our lack of presence at San Diego Comic Con that everyone obviously craves. We’ll be revealing more concerning this project later in the year, but you probably won’t be hearing anything more until after the release of The Greatest of Friends at the earliest.

5 thoughts on “Pastel Hugs a Blobatron in Teaser Image”

  1. Me whilst reading this: well this seems like an interesting, wait we on’t get more information until the Greatest of Friends?! I don’t even know if I’ll be alive by then!

  2. Aimless Wanderings have released 35 stories and have announced another 14, meaning after ‘The Pompous Redemption’ the next audio shall be their 50th. Could this be what they are talking about?

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