The Greatest of Friends – Titles Announced!

The Greatest of Friends is a set of short trips featuring variations of the Doctors travelling together. Not only are we announcing the titles, but you can also see which Doctors feature in which story.


Marvin and Me (by Joel H Joelson & Billy Treacy) features the Pompous Doctor (Billy Treacy) and the Dynamite Doctor (Jon Gransden).

Happy Hour (by Joel H Joelson) features the Fruit Pastel Doctor (Benji Clifford) and the Sorry Doctor (Daniel Sherratt).

Man, I Feel like a Time Lady (byJoel H Joelson & Billy Treacy) features the Dynamite Doctor (Jon Gransden) and the Quintessential Doctor (Livvy Douglas).

The Greatest of Friends (by Billy Treacy) features the Sorry Doctor (Daniel Sherratt) and the Pompous Doctor (Billy Treacy).

Companions shall be playing greater roles than they did in our previous Multi-Doctor feature War of the Doctors, with the Bartender (George Broad), David (David McLaughlin), Tim (Christopher Johnson), Christie Christwald (Christel Dee) and Harry Stapleton (Sebastian Treacy) all stepping up for new adventures.

The Greatest of Friends shall be released sometime after the Quintessential Doctor’s origin story: The Dark at the Start.

21 thoughts on “The Greatest of Friends – Titles Announced!”

    1. Incidentally I do find it quite interesting Pompous is wearing his Darker Paths costume in Marvin and Me. Does this mean this takes place during Darker Paths or has he just not made the shift back to his toothpaste outfit yet?

  1. Hmm…they all have to do with a Doctor and their immediate successor…interesting….

  2. So Hyped!
    maybe in the future you could do one with Pompous and Pastel? after all it was hinted at in Jim?

  3. WAIT! Dynamite doesn’t know that Quincy is his successor. To him, she’s still the Mysterious Woman! AAAAHHHHH! THE MOFFAT PLOT HOLES!

  4. Wow, can’t believe I missed this somehow! Needless to say, I’m excited to see the dynamic between theses doctors focused on- especially Dynamite & Quintissential!

      1. I feel like if Aimless had a similar fanbase to actual Doctor Who Quintamite would be one of the most common ships (though the most common would obviously be Dompous).

  5. The only problem is that they may not get released in time for the second anniversary! NO!
    Please release these stories around the time of the 2nd. Please! 🙂

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