The Last Laugh


A lone Sontaran plots the destruction of a comedy club and the Doctor has to prove to Christie that he has a dynamite sense of humour.

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The Doctor
Christie Christwald
Stinx the Sontaran
Laughing Man

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Sound Design
Cover Art
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Jon Gransden
Christel Dee

Christopher Thomson
Phoenix Smith

Billy Treacy

Phoenix Smith
David Boskett
David Boskett
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

13 thoughts on “The Last Laugh”

  1. Well that ending felt strangely moving. It’s also nice to see some Christie get some development that’s also somehow able to fit with her delibirate lack of character in the previous stories. I also take it this was the last one written in this wave as writing commenced shortly before the broadcast of series 8 but I can see some influences of Deep Breath in here. I also think getting Phoenix to write was an incredibly good decision. As much I enjoy the writing of Tracey and Joelson (I was going to say their first names but then I realised it sounded to much like a certain musician) its sometimes good to get a fresh perspective and that definitely shows in the feel of the story. There were also some good lines but in my opinion Phoenix’s best line ever written will always be: ‘Great balls of fire! It’s f*cking Brum!’

  2. Top Notch! I wish for Pheonix to write more… Like these!
    1. A Story in Forbidden Fruit Pastel
    2. Co-write with Billy for The Pompous Redemption
    3. A Story with Quincy
    4. A Story in Further Apologies
    5. Bring in and write the Squid Doctor as the 7th Aimless Doctor… What? This is a wish list!

    1. Sadly, Joel is co-writing “The Pompous Redemption” with Billy.

      The word ‘Sadly’ is debatable depending on how good that story is, as well as their previous works together (The Corner Of The Universe, War Of The Doctors, The Dark At The Start)

  3. Okay, i won’t dig to much. It was an enjoyable story, with a few laughs and a good premises. But I’d be lying if I said it was great. It’s a good entertaining adventure, and I liked it more this time round, but I’m not one of it’s fans.

    I will say this though: The actors knock it out of the park, with Christopher Thomson in particular giving a brilliant performance as Stinx.

    Also, Phoenix Smith did do a good job with the story and I think another few stories and he could have a couple of hits by mid next year (if A) He gets the chance and/or B) at least one of those upcoming scripts is out by the 30th June 2016).

    8/10. Entertaining, but still the weakest from “Boom Goes The Dynamite”, and one of Dynamite’s weakest (but thankfully not the weakest).

    Rated PG: Contains some mild rude humor, some mild language and some violence. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General Viewing, but some scenes may be unstable for young children.

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