Aimless Wanderings: The Forum – Available Now! [Updated]

ThePompousDoctor3So, we’ve noticed a you guys like to talk about Aimless Wanderings a fair amount. And we’ve also noticed a fair amount of you have created your own special Doctors (our regards to the Cadbury Doctor, the Fat Controller Doctor and, of course, the Non-Canon Dinosaur Doctor).

Instead of just limiting you to our comments sections, we’ve decided to create a brand new forum – which is part of this site – for you all to have in-depth discussions. You can review, speculate and even promote your own stuff. For those new Doctors we’ve spotted in the comments, the Tea Room is waiting for you…

To access the forum, click here. Make sure you read our guidelines, or we’ll exile you to Planet Evil.

Update: We had to take down the forum due to an immense amount of bandwidth, but we’ve brought it back now that we’ve moved servers! It’s back for you all to chat to your heart’s content!

54 thoughts on “Aimless Wanderings: The Forum – Available Now! [Updated]”

      1. William, where do I read Fat Controller’s origin story. Technically I don’t need to read it, I lived it, but hey hoe!

  1. Could you write a post regenerative adventure for me (P:S My TARDIS crashed into a Chocolate Factory if you wanted ideas) P:S:S DOCTORS! I’VE RUN OUT OF CHOCOLATE!!!!

    1. Cool titles for the first six stories are:
      Don WOTAN – Featuring The Gangster Doctor
      Blowfish – Featuring The Dinosaur Doctor
      Sensitivity and Sensorites – Featuring The Original Doctor
      A Sodor State of Affairs – Featuring The Fat Controller Doctor
      The Chocolate Invasion – Featuring The Cadbury Doctor
      Paul the Cyberman has an Excellant Day – Featuring The Sassy Doctor

        1. I was planning to make these text based as I don’t have a microphone and at the moment that’s the medium I’m most comfortable with (plus acting isn’t my strong point).

  2. I also suggest, ‘Beta and the Cyberman’ for an episode. (A play on ‘Delta and the Bannerman’, one of the worst doctor who stories of all time)

  3. Just the name, P:S I haven’t watched it either, just know its bad by reviews. P:S:S When will the first story ‘Don WOTAN’ be released?

  4. Also, what order are we all in? Original’s 1, I’m Six, Cadbury’s Seven. Where are the rest?

  5. I’ve had an idea, once we’ve finished the first wave of stories (The Pilot Wave) for Infinite Dimensions, how about an Aimless Wanderings/Infinite Dimensions crossover, or a Aimless Wanderings VS Infinite Dimensions? How about it?

    1. I would like to do something like that. I also have another Doctor Who related project in the works which could crossover at some point. (Again sorry for my absence. My wifi’s been deader than Martin for a day now. In the middle of writing Don WOTAN).

  6. Are we still doing infinite dimensions or is the forum taking that over because I would find it easier to do infinite on William’s website?

  7. Alright So, I’ve got the plan down for infinite Dimensions…

    Don WOTAN: Written By William Mumford
    Blowfish: Written By William Mumford
    Sensitivity and Sensorites: Written By William Mumford
    A Sodor State of Affairs: Written By ???
    The Chocolate Invasion: Written By ???
    Paul the Cyberman has an Excellent Day: Written By ???
    The One Travis: Written By William Mumford, Travis Gregson and Oli Everett
    But After that, where do we go next? I suggest we begin the Waves, thoughts?

  8. Now I’ve used it. And It’s a hell of a lot of fun!

    Look out for Nick Payne on the forum, as well as many other talented people including The Sage Of Muzzyness, William Mumford, Jacob C. Rose, etc. As well as a load of other Doctors inckluding my own, Ultimate, as well old favorites like Fat Controller, Cadbury, Sassy, etc. (There are too many people and Doctors to name), as well as our hosts including Billy Treacy, Joel H. Joelson, Richard B. Brookes, etc .

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