The Pompous Redemption – New Teaser Image Released

Pompous Redemption TeaserA new teaser image has been released advertising the Pompous Doctor’s next standalone special: A Pompous Redemption.

The feature-length special shall be released next year after the Sorry Doctor’s third wave and has been written by Joel H Joelson and Billy Treacy.

It’s quite a long way off, with the rest of Boom Goes the DynamiteThe Dark at the StartThe Greatest of Friends, Forbidden Fruit Pastel and Further Apologies still to go, but The Pompous Redemption promises to be an ambitious step and a crucial story in the Aimless Wanderings series.

The Pompous Redemption follows the Pompous Doctor in the aftermath of his greatest regrets.

The teaser image reveals the Pompous Doctor with a new coat and sonic screwdriver…

54 thoughts on “The Pompous Redemption – New Teaser Image Released”

  1. Since I’m a Forum Goblin I didn’t notice this until I scrolled up and saw it. A little bit of wee came out when I saw it (it didn’t actually but feel free to imagine wee or any other substance coming out if you really want to). Still excited though.

  2. CHOO! CHOO! Leaving ‘Its Never Omega’ Ville, next stop ‘Fondness And Creatures’ Town!

    1. Nick, these guys have lives and about 10 other projects outside of Aimless Wanderings too you know :p

      It’ll be worth the wait. Probably. Unless it’s shit. Billy, it best not be shit. OR ELSE.

        1. Actually, there’s only Three (as of announced) as a Multi-Doctor story.

          And the worst part of waiting a very long time (e.g a month and a week, if those two will be out by 31st August) is that is pushes everything else back. That makes us wait even longer.

          For example: if Episodes 4 and 5 had been released earlier, we could be on ‘The Greatest of Friends’ or about to start ‘Forbidden Fruit Pastel’ (which I know a lot of people are excited about) by the end of the month. we haven’t even ended ‘Boom Goes the Dynamite’ and that started on June, and will probibaly be released in the next few days or in early September.

          You can see what I mean.

          And I totally agree with you. Don’t let us down, 5WF. We’ve waited this long, so please don’t make these ones bad (or at least worse not to be worse than okay).

      1. I was literally writing a comment along these lines when this showed up.
        Thanks, Lewis.

      2. Do you think I don’t know that? And who are you to be so incredibly rude. Okay, it’s a little harsh (debatable), but sometimes it feels as we’re being let down sometimes. Not all the time, two or three weeks (can) be forgivable. A month? It starts to let people down.

        Sorry, but it’s true. Especially as this is one of the longest gaps between content, and possibly the longest in between stories of the same Wave or Multi- Part Story.

        Again, sorry for getting a little impatient. You can understand, it has been over a month.

        And that is why a double release is a good idea. Though it will be confusing for future newcomers (and it would probably be better if one was released before midnight one day, the other afterwards, during two days but within a few minutes from each over. Now, tell me that isn’t a good idea. Hopefully, they will be out by 31st August by the latest if they (and we) want them to release them by the end of this month (otherwise another August gone and no Aimless Wanderings content that month- discluding ‘Karaoke Night at The Rotten pastel’ from last year).

        No hard feelings, 5WF, Lewis or anyone else.

        And if anyone ‘backlashes’ this comment then they missed the point of me apologizing and explaining.

        Again, Sorry

          1. I was kind of exaggerating for comic effect, but they do have a lot going on. A few waves planned for Aimless, 5WF videos (more so now the new series is fast approaching), plus other stuff, plus their own lives to be getting on with.

    1. It’s Custom Sonics. You can find them on eBay, Etsy and Facebook. It’s quite costly but incredible customer service – couldn’t recommend them enough!

    1. I’m going to be rebooting the whole Aimless Wanderings series next year. That’s why this has been delayed so much. There’s been a court battle over the rights. I cannot disclose further information.

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