Boom Goes the Dynamite – Soundtrack Now Available!

Boom-Goes-the-DynamiteYou can now download the Boom Goes the Dynamite soundtrack with music by David Boskett.

The album contains 14 tracks, including a full version of the Dynamite Doctor’s theme and is free to download from here.

The track list is as follows:

01 Theme
02 Wibbly in the TARDIS
03 Christie Christwald
04 Are You Trying to Kill Me?
05 I Am Dynamite!
06 Plans Unfold
07 All of Time, All of Space, All its Glory
08 The Doctor and The Daleks
09 I’m Alone, So So Alone
10 Blobbyland
11 Lit Fuse
12 The Last Laugh Suite
13 Mr Grey Sky
14 Boom Goes the Dynamite

One thought on “Boom Goes the Dynamite – Soundtrack Now Available!”

  1. So, where’s that track in “Blobatron” when The Doctor is dancing ion The TARDIS? That was my favorite piece of music from the wave.

    Simulary, where is that track from the end of “The Evil Of The TARDIS” which was the only piece of music (asides the theme tune) in the Podcast version. It was not on the “Pug In The Machine” soundtrack.

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