Boredom of the Doctor


The Doctor faces his greatest threat yet: the Devil.

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The Doctor
Christie Christwald
The Devil

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Jon Gransden
Christel Dee
Billy Treacy

Billy Treacy

Billy Treacy
David Boskett
David Boskett
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

19 thoughts on “Boredom of the Doctor”

  1. I adore how meta Dynamite’s wave is, without going OTT. I rather enjoyed the fact that the Doctor finished the finale in the pre-credits. You continue to surprise me, which is great given that you’re basically parodying the new series. It should be obvious or guessable, but you take things and turn them on their head, and it’s properly dynamite!

    Nice to have a short slice of ‘downtime’ too, focusing briefly on Dynamite and Whatsherface. The second half contrasted the first half brilliantly, and raised a smile on my face. Just gutted Dynamite’s wave is over! #BringBackDynamite

  2. Oh shut up Sassy! That was brilliant! Spectacular! Hilarious beggining! The best wave in Aimless Wanderings history! 10/10! #BringBackDynamite

    1. Actually, Dynamite’s in ‘Marvin and Me’ and ‘Man, I Feel Like a Time Lady’, so he’ll be even earlier than that! 🙂

  3. Really liked that. The opening was absolutely glourious and it was nice to see an inversion of the big, epic finale that feels like something of an obligation when dealing with this. The second half was quite good, focusing on more of the character based humour that made this wave so great. Admittedly it is kind of a rehash of the dynamic seen in Blobatron and The Last Laugh but in this case we see the emotions much clearer in this case so it’s forgiveable. I do hope we see an evolution of the Dynamite/Christie dynamic in future, after all, she can’t stay in the TARDIS forever, unless she’s still in Quincy’s basement.

    Overall, outstanding wave, in fact though my wave isn’t my favourite I’ll say right now that this is the best wave of Aimless Wanderings. It has a downright perfect run of stories, one of the most compelling dynamics out there and hilarious narration from start- to finish.

  4. Er, good I guess. I enjoyed it more than “More Of The Daleks” and “The Last Laugh”, but not as good as “Blobatron” or “Fondness And Creatures”, so I’ll say it’s halfway in my ranking. A good job and very funny-and exciting! Dynamite!

    Next time: “The Dark At the Start”

  5. Erm… It probably wasn’t the best wave. The Last Laugh particularly I didn’t find very funny and at points the Doctor was just a mean *expletive*. I also think it was missing adventures like On the Line or Off to the Shops which was just the Doctor working through normal human life with not much of an alien threat. On the other hand the pre-titles were hilarious (especially the last line before the music kicked in) and The Doctor trying to leave Christie (again) was a bit repetitive. While some of it was good I think I prefer Dynamite in Multi-Doctor Stories. #BringBackBurnplank

    1. I know what your saying, but Dynamite isn’t really suited to ‘quieter’ stories – unless, of course, they deliberately do one like that to spin the new series on its head, and chaos ensues. Each Doctor is quite distinctive with its own style and feel, which on the one hand may put some people off certain stories, but then there are 5 Doctors so there’s definitely something for everyone 🙂

      Also, this is only Dynamite’s first wave – so it’s probably been quite experimental, the team trying things out, and I’m sure Wave 2 will be a lot more refined and crafted to make it even better 🙂

    1. I miss Maxime and Belgor. #BringThoseTwoBackAndAlsoTheDevilSoItsNowRelatedToBoredomOfTheDoctorWhichMayLessenTheCommentsChanceOfBeingDeleted

  6. Love them all!!

    But for no particular reason I think they should bring the character from Fondness and Creatures back…….For no particular reason….

  7. Actually, this was better than “Fondness And Creatures”, but STILL not as good as “Blobatron”

    An interesting story about The Doctor and Christie’s relationship and what they think of each over. also, the pre-titles features the Devil himself.

    Along with “The Last Laugh”, it raises the character development for Christie (something that now need to be heard as Clara got more character development in Series 8).

    It is also Jon Gransden’s and Christel Dee’s best performances to date.

    Very well done. 10/10

    Rated PG: Contains very mild action violence and some rude humor and sad moments. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General Viewing, but some scenes may be unstable for young children.

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