Fondness and Creatures


An unfortunate incident in the past sparks a spiteful vendetta against the Doctor.

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The Doctor
Christie Christwald

Narrated by

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Jon Gransden
Christel Dee
Joel H Joelson
Billy Treacy

Antonio Rastelli

Joel H Joelson
David Boskett
David Boskett
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

40 thoughts on “Fondness and Creatures”

  1. Great parody of Love and Monsters with a nice little homage to Human Nature at the end. Also a genuinely interesting look into the lives of the rubbish one-off villains of Doctor Who. Though I may actually have to not show this to my 10 year old brother parody considering the c*nt gag.

          1. Yes but you hadn’t even rated the episode at the time. In fact I started the marathon way before you even showed up.

          2. Also if I had stopped him from watching it I would have made the age of letting him watch it much higher than 12. My issue was him learning possibly the filthiest swear word out there, not contradicting a rating that hadn’t even been made yet.

          3. From what little I know of ratings boards and the like using c*nt once in a non-sexual context is like an automatic 15.

            So yeah don’t let bubbies watch this people.

          4. Hell if you take the two c*nts from this (one bleeped and one spelled out) and combine this with the gore in Blobatron and you’ve basically got similar rating material to Hot Fuzz.

  2. A really good story. one of the best of the wave, but I’ll have to listen to the last one before I make that decision.

    I was worried where it would go, but it ended satisfactory. Similar to “The Story Teller”, being presented from the reader’s -point of view Well done.

    Also listen to the forth wall breaking Antonio Rastelli apperance at the end.

    Next: “Boredom Of The Doctor”

  3. Coming to the end of my AW review/certification marathon. Only three (Fondness And Creatures (- this one), Boredom Of The Doctor and The Dark At The Start) to go!

  4. A great episode that was worth the extremity long wait (in Aimless Wanderings time) with a funny story line based on ‘Love And Monsters’ and ‘Human Nature/The Family Of Blood’ (oh yeah, it was ‘The Family Of Blood’, not ‘Human Nature’ guys) feel to it.

    Antonio Rastelli is now the best AW narrator (beating Phoenix Smith, Billy Treacy and Jon Gransden) and his character is probibaly Joel#s best written (beating The Story Teller and King Brian).

    A lot of excellent stuff here also. It’s not perfect, but it’s very close to being perfect.


    And stick around for a funny moment from Antonio Rastelli.

    Also, was the green-faced baby man a Slitheen? Or an Abzorbaloff?

  5. Rated 12: Contains some bleeped strong language and some mild violence and scary scenes. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over. not to be supplied to anyone below that age.

    Rated ’12A’ between Friday 2nd September- Thursday 10th September 2015. Rated ‘12’ from Friday 11th September 2015.

    1. I disagree with this rating. The story should be at least a 15, as even though the language is censored it’s still understandable. Heck, they’re even spelled out beforehand! You can’t have 12 year-olds learning about Cardiff Universal Non-Terrestrials!

  6. So fan no episode has been given a ’15’.

    To be honest, despite having strong language, there is only two uses of it (the F word and the C word). It is also not ’15’ rated material, but it is not lower than a ’12’.

    1. Cunt is still cunt Nick. And what you rated the previous episodes is meaningless when you take that into account, because it’s cunt.

      1. Remember kids: people being intimate with each other is potential 18 material but a woman going through forced sterilization is something you can take your kids to see.

          1. I was referring to Avengers: Age of Ultron with the woman having forced sterilisation. With the 18 I wasn’t really referring to anything, more just 18 rated films for their sexual content. I wasn’t seriously trying to critique the BBFC, as I understand why this is the case, I just thought it sounded amusing out of context.

          2. That’s why I wasn’t being serious and I understand why it was rated what it was rated. I just thought it was funny, again stripped from all context, that the much more disturbing option is one you can take a 6 year old to see at the cinema.

  7. True. But I felt this episode was ’12’ material, even with the C word, which is heard in 12 rated films.

    For example, the unedited version of the film “Marmaduke” is a ’12A’ as it contains one use of the C word, with the edited version receiving a ‘U’ (according to Wikipedia).

    Besides, there is only one use of the C word and only one use of the F word, so it does pass as a ’12’

    I should have said ‘bleeped strong language and some implied strong language’, shouldn’t I have? That would have made sense.

    1. Fondness and Creatures has more than one swear word in it, though, doesn’t it? Using the actual production script, here’s a breakdown (including variations and spelling out)
      F*ck: 2
      Sh*t: 3
      W*nk: 2
      D*ck: 2
      C*nt: 2
      B*llocks: 1
      Combined with the violence, I’m pretty sure that warrants a 15.

    1. I wouldn’t really call running over a dog and threatening to blow up a city with a bomb mild.
      Also, considering the context in which the words are used, an extended gag about acronyms, I’d say that it goes far enough to be a 15.

      1. I don’t see anyone else doing them on here, and there are only a few on the forum. Some of them don’t even taker it seriously like I do.

        Also, 12 rated material does contain strong language.

  8. THAT’S IT! We are NOT having another iDalek rating change (I had to change that from a ‘U’ to a ‘PG’ because Lewis Christian asked it to be. And then he asked to be put back to ‘U’, so I got cross. I’m not changing this one’s unless I change my mind (like with Dynamite Of The Doctor).

    So, as of the 11th September 2015, the episode has been, and will continue to be, a ’12’.

    No change. It’s my ratings, it’s my decision. Make your own if you disagree!

    Luckily for you, I didn’t go into an angry rage.

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