The Dark at the Start – Trailer and Cover Art Released

We have now  released the trailer, cover art and some additional details for the Quintessential Doctor’s first standalone special: The Dark at the Start.

The-Dark-at-the-StartFloating through the depths of deep space is the body of a dead Time Lord. And the Daleks are looking for it.

The Dark at the Start stars Livvy Douglas as the Doctor. It also features Matthew Robinson, George Oakes, Joel H Joelson, Daniel Sherratt, Sam Dimitrijevic, Christopher Thomson and, very briefly, Jon Gransden. Due to our usual Monster Man Benji Clifford being unavailable due to being extremely busy, we are excited to announce Benjamin Rudman will be joining the team playing a variety of monsters, including Davros, the Daleks and the Cybermen. He’s done a terrific job and we can’t wait to share what he’s done with you all!

It’s written by Joel H Joelson and Billy Treacy, with cover art created by Jon Gransden. It will be edited and produced by Billy Treacy, who shall also be providing the soundtrack.

The Dark at the Start shall be released later this month.

32 thoughts on “The Dark at the Start – Trailer and Cover Art Released”

  1. Wow. It may be that I just got up but even I, one of the series’ preachers, had my expectations blown out of the water. Because that cover! And that trailer! This looks, feels and even smells like something completely new and exciting. And I can’t wait for it.

    1. Between this and the Pompous Redemption it’s nice to see you still plan to make the future feel new and different.

  2. Also this is going to be a regeneration where the predecessor is technically dead at the time. I wonder if Quincy will say she’s half-human?

  3. As much as I love all the Dalek stories you’ve done (Patience of the Daleks, Death to the Davros and Daleks of the Apocalypse in particular) aren’t there any other monsters you could use in your stories? Regardless – still looking forward to this.

  4. Perhaps it shall be released on the 20th to coincide with Aimless Wanderings’ 2nd anniversary??

  5. Can we really be guaranteed that it will come out this month, I almost think Fondness and Creatures and Boredom of the Doctor were released too quick. It was such a long wait and then SNAP, all over. I really, really hope it comes out two/three weeks time or in the end, Early October.

    1. Just a reminder that no release date has been set, yet.

      We don’t tend to publicly announce the release date until the day before (as that’s about when we know for sure too).

    1. More like ‘who cares’? I’m not saying I/we don’t care about the episode – I’m saying who cares when it’s out? It’ll be out when it’s out, and hopefully it’ll be fab 🙂

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