The Dark at the Start


Floating through the depths of deep space is the body of a dead Time Lord. And the Daleks are looking for it.

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The Doctor
The Dynamite Doctor
Computer Voice
The Daleks
Police Officer
The Cybermen

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Livvy Douglas
Jon Gransden
George Oakes
Matthew Robinson
Joel H Joelson
Benjamin Rudman
Benjamin Rudman
Benjamin Rudman
Daniel Sherratt
Benjamin Rudman
Christopher Thomson

Joel H Joelson & Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Jon Gransden
Billy Treacy

50 thoughts on “The Dark at the Start”

  1. Hi. Really enjoyed the story but I’m just wondering why Sam Dimijtrevic wasn’t in the story considering the post releasing the trailer and cover art said he was going to be in it.

        1. Actually “The Light At The End” was an official Big Finish audio. So the story couldn’t be called that. Instead, it spoofed/parodied/payed homarge to/whatever elsd the title.

          1. (To be fair, it could’ve been called that. BF don’t own that title, it’s not copyrighted. But I was joking anyway, so.)

  2. This is a very interesting start!! I’m incredibly excited to see where the concept of all the villains being good and on the Doctor’s side goes!

  3. I really love having The Doctor originally being so horrified with becoming a woman that it leads to regeneration and then contrasting that with her barely noticing it when the time comes. It really shows how much the character has grown over the years.

    1. God yeah, that was really well done. (I fear the day the TV show goes for it, because I reckon they’ll make a big song and dance about the gender swap.)

      1. Maybe they’ll have the previous incarnation phone the companion so they can confirm the audience is still allowed to like The Doctor.

  4. A SPECTACULAR first story for Quincy, though I couldn’t understand what he/she was saying during her regeneration. If anyone at the Aimless Wanderings team could send me the script, I’d much appreciate it. Anyway, 8/10, its a great start for the Quintessential Doctor but I just found it a bit too short. Also Splog & Splag were weird as and personally, I didn’t like how they were written. That’s nothing against their performances though!

  5. A brilliant story! Looking forward to ‘Wave 1- Into Brightness’…

    …but first, we have ‘The Greatest Of Friends’ and a load of other waves and ‘The Pompous Redemption’ to go. And they are completely different stories (probably, I haven’t heard them yet.)

  6. Also, you’ll be glad to know that this story has been passed under a ‘U’ certification by the NPBFC (now back in business!). So everyone can enjoy it.

    Rated U: Contains some mild action violence and threat. UNIVERSAL: SUITABLE FOR ALL.

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  7. Thank you Jon, I will cheak soon.

    P.s Happy Birthday!

    As a birthday treat, you are my latest subscribed channel* (with Anemay in consideration to be suscribed too). Have a great day!

    *= in case anyone’s confused, I suscribed to him on YouTube.

    Also, sorry if I spell Anemay wrong.

    1. Mr Gransden, I’m back!

      (that was a Looney Tunes thing by the way)

      To say thank you (and as an extra birthday present) , I shall be posting a special Dynamite story up onto the forum soon. I hope you enjoy it.

      Thank you and have a great evening



          1. I’m the girl with the eyebrows who does Green week. If you listen carefully to this story you can hear a small cameo from me.

        1. My channel has zero content. Mainly because the content I made was shit. Also, no I’m not being serious, I’m not Livy Douglas.

  8. My opinions are still the same as last time.

    A brilliantly Quintessential story. Although I was worried about the Cybermen voices, they are actually really good and I like the differences of both their voices and The Dalek’s ones.


    Rating also the same (U), and for same reasons (see above).

        1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you can hear Dynamite, but he’s very quiet and there’s a few versions of his voice speaking at the same time. Deliberate or accidental?

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