Two Year Anniversary: New Waves, Pompous Costume Reveal and Artwork Revealed!

Today marks the second anniversary of our comedic Doctor Who audio adventures. Aimless Wanderings has reached the ears of so many and has found itself a following of incredibly dedicated and passionate fans. We thank you all for making these adventures all the more fun and thought we’d provide a few treats for you all…

1) New Waves for the Dynamite Doctor and Quintessential Doctor announced

Titles-Revealed-2The Dynamite Doctor shall have a second wave of six episodes titled Howdy Sweetpea, and will feature Jon Gransden and Christel Dee.

he Quintessential Doctor shall be enjoying her first wave of adventures titled Into Brightness, which shall comprise of three episodes and will feature Livvy Douglas and Sebastian Treacy.

2) The Pompous Doctor’s New Look

We unveiled the Pompous Doctor’s new costume too, which will see him through his feature-length standalone adventure: The Pompous Redemption. New coat, new cardigan, new trousers and lots of yellow!

Pompous Redemption Teaser Poster 2

3) Marvin and Me
Marvin-and-MeAnd finally, we gave you all the cover for the first of four adventures featuring multiple Doctors. The Dynamite Doctor and the Pompous Doctor return in… Marvin and Me.

Happy two years! Keep wandering…

30 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary: New Waves, Pompous Costume Reveal and Artwork Revealed!”

    1. HELL YEAH!

      Hopefully when you’ve gone some people will continue the franchise. Like Russel T. Davids did for Doctor Who, and then Steven Moffat after him, and then his his successor (when he/she/they come along).

        1. I ment like in 10 or 20 years or something. Maybe 50. It depends if they want to/can do/find time to continue for so long.

          However, I think you are right. Joel is the most likely to be the next showrunner as he has written the second most episodes (After Billy Treacy). it’s too soon to decide for Phoenix, as currently only one of his stories is out and I’m not sure if he’ written any more (probibaly has). As for you. Well, never say never Lewis.

          1. CDs aren’t dying out anytime soon. Like DVDS, they are still a pretty big market out there, even with a strong market for downloads.

            You have nothing to fear, my friends. Keep listening to Big Finish. It will only make your love for Doctor Who stronger, and we need more happy fans. 🙂

            Also, Happy Birthday to (the not-yet Sir*) Billy Treacy.

            *I think he would be a great knight of the United Kingdom, or whatever their called. Sir Billy Treacy for his services in Media.

        2. How do you know? Doctor Who is still a thing after 50 years.

          Aimless Wanderings may have moved to CD (or whatever they have in 2063-65) and/or Radio.

          1. Doctor Who is a very popular TV show which gets a shedload of money and creates a shedload more. It also gets millions of viewers. It’s on a totally different league to little fan projects. I’m just being realistic. But if I’m wrong and Aimless is still going strong in 50 years time, give me a bell and I’ll eat my hat 🙂

          2. (CD? You mean that thing that’s dying out now? Unless they bring it back along with Walkmans as ‘retro’ in 2065 xD)

          3. No, I mean that AW could move to CD or whatever they have by then. CD is defiantly not dying out anytime soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a common device by 2065 (remember the tape casset? They are very rare nowadays. Same with VHS and video tape). If there is no CDs in 2065, it’s not becouse they died out in 2015. Probibaly more likely between 2025 and 2055.

            Also, I don’t know where to find any bells.

            Okay, the first bit I’m serious about, the second was a joke and the third (what you are reading now) is an explanation.

          4. ‘CDs are pretty much obsolete now…’

            *Clutches his extremely small Big Finish collection close to his chest*

          5. *waves collection of Big Finish downloads that I don’t have to wait for shipping for, cost less and don’t have to rebuy if something happens to them in front of everyone*

  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    I don’t have twitter, that’s why I’m saying it here. It’s the latest blog.

    UPDATE: The titles sound great, the costume is brilliant and that cover! THAT COVER! It says so much and so little, and that’s good!



  2. Happy Birthday to my favourite audio series!

    I started listening around November 2013 (that’s right, you’ve nearly endured me for two years!) with Doctor3, and I have to say you have not disappointed in the slightest.

    Here’s to another 48 years (probably)
    Let the celebrations continue!

  3. Have a Birthday Selection Box full of Crème Eggs, Aimless Wanderings. You may find a few wrappers, because I got hungry.

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