Marvin and Me


The Doctor. The Doctors. One Time Lord. Five men. One woman. And who knows how many more lie in wait? With all those incarnations, you’re bound to bump into yourself once in a while, and it’s not likely you’ll be getting along with yourself.

Back from the funeral of an old friend, the Pompous Doctor and Tim encounter a new one.

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The Pompous Doctor
The Dynamite Doctor
Christie Christwald
The Fruit Pastel Doctor

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Billy Treacy
Jon Gransden
Christopher Johnson
Christel Dee
Benji Clifford
Daniel Sherratt

Joel H Joelson & Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt & Billy Treacy

31 thoughts on “Marvin and Me”

  1. My god did I love that. Though listening to it straight after Zygon Invasion certainly didn’t do ZI any favours.

    1. My opinions for the second viewing are the same, but a bit more enjoyable this time. Same score. Time fort the certification. I thought this story could be a contender for a ‘U’, but a re-listen lets me notice stuff I may have missed or find it in a new light. Therefore, it is my duty to give this story a…

      Certification: Rated PG: Contains mild threat, rude humor, some violence and innuendo. PARENTAL GUIDANCE: General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.

      And like Oli said, stay for the cameo!

      (Fruit Pastel keeps getting post-end credits cameos. Is this a theme? Probably.)

          1. Everything in this series is unseen. Kind of shows why audio dramas don’t get official ratings TBH.

          2. True. It’s when it gets described and mentioned. It could get people squirmed (I know I did the last time.)

            This was one of the reasons ‘Blobarton’ almost got a ’15’, and it still got the ’12’ for strong violence and blood amongst other things.

            That’s why I alerted people about the blood mention. In case they might get squeamish or feel a bit unwell. Talking about it is just as bad as seeing it.

          3. I get queasy just at seeing the word itself; your initial comment should’ve come with a warning.

  2. Great Story! Probably the best since Sorry State of Affairs for me. I love it when you put e Doctor in a normal human situation (e.g. Off to the Shops) Here’s to Happy Hour!

  3. This story is quite possibly my most favourite from 2015. Good plot- plenty of laughs (especially the shoebox bit!), lovely character interactions that prove to be funny & heartwarming at parts- and the music/sound design is beautiful!

  4. Enjoyed this one! Way better than the Shakespeare essay that I was doing when I listened to it! Absolutely loved the gag with the shoebox! It was also nice that Pompous got to revisit the Eye Of Orion. Good callback to Sorry! Can’t wait for the next one! *swiftly boards hype train* 🙂

  5. A brilliant episode and now one of my favourites! Also, I don’t know if it was internal, but Billy’s name is credited twice on ‘producers’ btw.

  6. Oh, apparently Series 9 Episodes 11 and 12 are going to send The Doctor ‘off the rails’.

    (Sing-Song) Darker Paths…

    Particularly- (Sing-Song) Martin’s Last Bark…

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