The Greatest of Friends – Details and Cover Art Released

We can now reveal the cover art and details for the upcoming set of multi-Doctor short stories The Greatest of Friends, including synopsis for each story and the new theme tune composed by Daniel Sherratt.

The Doctor. The Doctors. One Time Lord. Five men. One woman. And who knows how many more lie in wait? With all those incarnations, you’re bound to bump into yourself once in a while, and it’s not likely you’ll be getting along with yourself.

The-Greatest-of-FriendsMarvin and Me: Back from the funeral of an old friend, the Pompous Doctor and Tim encounter a new one.

Happy Hour: The most chaotic incarnation teams up with a timid one to run the most hated pub in Britain.

Man, I Feel Like a Time Lady: The Quintessential Doctor has confessed her identity to Fruit Pastel. How will the others face up to the news?

The Greatest of Friends: A painting at a gallery reveals a terrifying fate for two Doctors.

The Greatest of Friends stars Benji Clifford as the Fruit Pastel Doctor, Daniel Sherratt at the Sorry Doctor, Billy Treacy as the Pompous Doctor, Jon Gransden as the Dynamite Doctor and Livvy Douglas as the Quintessential Doctor.

Alongside our Doctors, we have George Broad as the Bartender, David McLaughlin as David, Christopher Johnson as Tim, Christel Dee as Christie Christwald and Sebastian Treacy as Harry Stapleton.

The series of short trips is written by Joel H Joelson and Billy Treacy and will be edited by Daniel Sherratt, who also worked on A Sorry State of Affairs.

The Greatest of Friends starts this month with the first story Marvin and Me.

15 thoughts on “The Greatest of Friends – Details and Cover Art Released”

  1. I like the theme. I’m going to wait a while before I make a decision on where I would put it on a list (like I did on The Dark At the Start’s soundtrack news page).

  2. Also, just to comment on Jon Gransden’s animated scene from “War Of The Doctors”.

    Wow. That is some seriously cool work.

    I had thought what Aimless Wanderings would look like in animated form, and now we have an actual animated scene! And it’s awsume!

    Fantastic work Jon!

  3. Funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Love the shoebox bit. Fantastic work.

    Nick Payne where can I find the animated scene from war of the doctors you mentioned. It sounds really cool and amazing but I can’t seem to find it.

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