Forbidden Fruit Pastel – Details and Cover Art Released!

Last night, our Twitter account revealed the cover art and titles for the Fruit Pastel Doctor’s first wave of episodes, which should hopefully kick off this month after the final story The Greatest of Friends. We’d like to go one further and reveal the synopsis for the wave itself and the three stories it shall feature.

Forbidden Fruit Pastel

The Doctor embarks on a series of aimless wanderings which take him to Skaro, Exxilon, and, of course, the quiet village of Pastelbury – though not like you’ve ever experienced it before…

Dawn of the Dilbert

Dawn of the Dilbert: “Welcome to the first ever official tour of Skaro – home to the Daleks Open brackets: supreme masters of the universe. Close brackets.”

That Way Leads to Death

That Way Leads to Death: On the planet Exxilon, the Doctor finds himself placed in harm’s way. With Dilbert in the TARDIS and the Bartender back on his shift, is there any hope for our beloved Fruit Pastel?

The Brewery

The Brewery: The Doctor, alongside his new friends, returns to Pastelbury. But something’s not quite right…

Forbidden Fruit Pastel stars Benji Clifford as the Fruit Pastel Doctor and Dilbert the Dalek, as well as George Broad as the Bartender and Christopher Thomson playing Bellal.

The wave is written by Benji Clifford and shall be edited by Billy Treacy.