The Greatest of Friends – Soundtrack Now Available!

Greatest-of-FriendsYou can now download the Greatest of Friends soundtrack with music by Daniel Sherratt.

The album contains 22 tracks and is free to download from here.

The track list is as follows:

01 Theme
02 A Place Beginning With Eye
03 Marvin
04 Search for Dynamite
05 That’s Unpossible
06 Bad Dog
07 Naked of the Doctor
08 Martin & Friends
09 Money Problems
10 The Every-Bloke Companion
11 Pastel or Pasta
12 A Rotten Bit of Luck
13 Single Knock
14 The Mystery Solved
15 A Dynamite Gal
16 All the Same Person
17 A Pompous Plan
18 It’s HIM Again
19 Time Ram
20 The Original Doctor
21 Friends No More
22 The Greatest of Friends (Club Mix)