Dawn of the Dilbert – Available Now!

WikiaFruitPastelThe first story of the Fruit Pastel Doctor’s first wave is now available to listen to for free!

“Welcome to the first ever official tour of Skaro – home to the Daleks Open brackets: supreme masters of the universe. Close brackets.”

The story stars Benji Clifford as the Doctor and Dilbert the Dalek, George Broad as the Bartender and Billy Treacy as the Tour Guide.

Although this is his first wave, this is the Fruit Pastel Doctor’s third standalone adventure, having appeared previously in two others specials (The Lift of Doom and Mayday of the Doctor). Although we’ve encountered Dilbert the Dalek before, this is his first meeting with the Doctor and the start of a whole new era for Pastel!

You can listen to the episode here.