Further Apologies – Details and Cover Art Released!

The cover art for Further Apologies and the first story of the wave, which shall be out next month, have been released, as well as all of the episode titles. Click here to see the full list of episodes!

Further Apologies


13 thoughts on “Further Apologies – Details and Cover Art Released!”

  1. As Sorry is my fave Aimless Wanderings Doctor, consider me hyped! Also that is some of the nicest cover art i’ve seen.

      1. Just seen sorry’s waistcoat has holes in it. Consider me worried for the beige!

        But also hurt.

        And hyped, yes. Very hyped.

  2. I think Sorry is my favourite, if not second favourite. So of course, like Jacob, I’m hyped.

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of ASSoA (unlike most, but I still think it’s good), I was hyped for TSfI, I’m hyped here.

  3. Looks like there’s an onion in the background on the cover of Pip, so I’m already having fits of excitement (PRAISE TO THE ONION!)

    1. Seriously though the covers look very interesting and it’s nice to see a different combination of writers.

  4. This is looking so cool. Brilliant wave cover and really cool first story cover. The titles themselves are also great with my favorite being “From Telford With Love”, which I therefore theorise that Telford is that town Dan Sherratt mentioned in one of Chris Johnson’s podcasts about AW last May, and also because I am also a fan of James Bond and the title sounds familiar to the title ‘From Russia With Love’.

    Defiantly looking forward to this wave.

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