That Way Leads to Death – Available Now!

WikiaFruitPastelThe second story of the Fruit Pastel Doctor’s first wave is now available to listen to for free!

On the planet Exxilon, the Doctor finds himself placed in harm’s way. With Dilbert in the TARDIS and the Bartender back on his shift, is there any hope for our beloved Fruit Pastel?

The story stars Benji Clifford as the Doctor and Dilbert the Dalek, Christopher Thomson as Bellal, Matthew Chambers as the High Priest and Billy Treacy as the Clergyman.

This is the first story featuring Bellal – the latest new companion for the Fruit Pastel Doctor. It’s also the first time we venture to Exxilon, though it appears the Doctor has been here before…

You can listen to the episode here.