Forbidden Fruit Pastel – Soundtrack Now Available!

Forbidden-Fruit-PastelYou can now download the Forbidden Fruit Pastel soundtrack with music by Benji Clifford and Billy Treacy.

The album contains 9 tracks and is free to download from here.

The track list is as follows:

01 Theme
02 The Story Begins
03 Pastel on Skaro
04 Dilbert the Dalek
05 A Fruit Man?
06 Sod This
07 Exxilon
08 To Me, To Bellal
09 The Brewery

3 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit Pastel – Soundtrack Now Available!”

  1. I haven’t heard the soundtrack yet, I expect it’ll be good.

    Plus, this is Fruit Pastel’s first soundtrack released. His first two specials have not (yet) received a released soundtrack.

    1. Yeah, it is. It’s brilliant. A bit short, but that’s good I suppose. The evening I was listening to it I needed it to be quick because of timing.

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