The Brewery


The Doctor, alongside his new friends, returns to Pastelbury. But something’s not quite right…

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The Doctor
Dilbert the Dalek
The Barmaid
Norris Cole
Richard Hill
Fred Elliot
Ashley Peacock

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Benji Clifford
Christopher Thomson
Benji Clifford
George Broad
Billy Treacy
Christopher Johnson
Benji Clifford
Christopher Thomson

Benji Clifford
Billy Treacy
Benji Clifford
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Benji Clifford & Billy Treacy

9 thoughts on “The Brewery”

  1. One of the most bizare, imaginative and weirdly meta stories in the AW canon. I know some people may find that objectionable but I really enjoyed it and I think this wave has firmly placed Benji as an incredibly valuable part of the AW writing staff.

    1. A brilliant story. Probably Benji’s best script (aside from “Death To The Davros” and that last scene of “War Of The Doctors” (apparently)). Though I did like “That Way Leads to Death”, this is still a great listening story. I’m raising my review rating to a 10/10.

      Rated PG: Contains Bleeped Mild Language & Mild Rude Humor. PARENTAL GUIDANCE General Viewing, But Some Scenes May Not Be Suitable For Young Children.

  2. Thought that was hilarious and the jokes were funny. Even though I’ve never seen coronation street.

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