Further Apologies – Further Details and Cover Art Released!

The Doctor, David and Pip have just embarked on their new wave of adventures. To find out a little about what’s in store, we’ve released further details on all of the stories, as well as the cover art for the next three instalments…

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached: Welcome to Pleasant City, the best place ever. Behold the people cartwheeling with joy. Don’t they look happy? And all of this was made possible by everyone’s best friend, the Puppeteer!

From Telford with Love
From Telford with Love

From Telford with Love: Telford is a modern city with a thriving shopping quarter and a popular local radio station. The Doctor despises it, but is he justified?

David’s Pint

David’s Pint: Okay, right, so there’s this audio, yeah? And it’s got, like, three stories inside another story and it’s going to be really, really mega good.

The Living Dead Men: Death can be sudden, but also very painful! Why not give your loved ones the nicest entrance to the afterlife by enlisting the skills of the Pennyweather siblings? We will collect, preserve and restore your loved ones… all for a reasonable price!

Dazzled: No matter how much control he claims to have, there will always be consequences for the Doctor…

You can view all the complete episode guide (and listen to the Sorry Doctor’s first episode) here.