Salford is under attack from a cartoon character. Flakes of onion are raining down from the skies. David has lost his wallet. Pip has lost her job. Can the Doctor juggle four different crises at once?

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The Doctor
Staff Member
Brave Burt
Devilish Dean
Christie Christwald
The Dynamite Doctor

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Daniel Sherratt
Beckie Hough
David McLaughlin
Richard B Brookes
Joel H Joelson
Daniel Sherratt
Jon Gransden
Billy Garratt-John
Billy Garratt-John
Jon Gransden
Christel Dee
Jon Gransden
Christopher Thomson
Billy Treacy

Joel H Joelson & Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt & Billy Treacy

14 thoughts on “Pip”

  1. I have to give credit to that wonderful theme arrangement. Whoever did it deserves unlimited rice pudding and a copy of the first series of “Class” because it is just wonderful to hear. It’s also great to see new writer combinations, and Dan & Joel deliver a beautiful, cheeky, hilarious story that has definitely become a favourite of mine. Top notch!

  2. A very good and enjoyable story. Great work.

    P.s there’s no train to Telford Central from Salford Central. I know it was a joke, but someone who knows about train services (and bothers to look them up) there won’t be any trains coming to run over Pip.

    Speaking of which, we never found out what happened to David’s Wallet.


    Contains Mild Language PARENTAL GUIDENCE General Viewing, But Some Scenes May Not Be Suitable For Young Children

      1. I said TO Telford Central FROM Salford Central.

        P.s that train timetable says ‘Three Changes’.

        Jacob C. Rose- master of the trains- in one way, but not in every way.
        -That was not meant to be mean by the way.

        1. Ah! You have spotted my elementary mistake! I hand the title of “master of the trains” back to you! Good spot!

          1. Thank you.

            Also, why does everyone think I’m touché all of a sudden. I’m not making exclamation remarks so I would like to now what is going on?

            Is it because no one ever said it when I actually was being touché and they’re making up for it by saying I’m being touché when I say stuff you think is but is not really?

          2. You can’t be “Touche”. The same way you can’t be “checkmate” or can’t be “AHA”. Also Touche is not describing an exclamation Touche IS the exclamation.

  3. Brilliant story! I loved the character Devilish Dean and the music by Dan was amaing. Can’t wait for more

  4. This has got to be a torchwood refrence. I’m sure of it. Theres no way this isn’t a reference to out of the rain right? Am i the only who sees this?

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