The Aimless Wanderings Forum is Closing Down (Again!)

After several months of fun – and yes, a few hiccups too – it is with heavy hearts that we here at 5WF have decided to close down the Aimless Wanderings Forum.

There are a few reasons behind this. Firstly, it was becoming impossible for us to regulate, even though the number of you visiting and using it were fairly modest. We’ve also been receiving a massive influx of spam from new users that don’t exist. As well as this, the bandwidth being taken up is phenomenal, and we’re looking into cheaper alternatives (it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fund our online escapades!). Unfortunately, the number of active users does not justify the time and the cost.

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The moment is being prepared for…

We’re still very happy with what we’ve achieved, and encourage you all to stay creative. We recommend continuing with your fan-fictions and discussions on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Of course, there’s nothing stopping one of you setting up your own forum for the countless noun Doctors roaming our forum presently!

We know a lot of you have stuff on there you’d like to keep, so just in case you haven’t saved these things elsewhere, we’re giving you all a week’s notice before we shut down the Forum and obliterate it for good. There will be no way to re-access any information.

Thanks to everyone who got involved, and we hope you’ll forgive us for DESTROYING YOUR WORLD.

The apocalypse commences on Wednesday 20th July, at 19:00 (GMT).

6 thoughts on “The Aimless Wanderings Forum is Closing Down (Again!)”

  1. ugh what was the point of ressurecting the forum if you were just going to kill him off again later. God writers get ur act togethr.

  2. RIP aimless wanderings forum, I will miss you after you die. again. Much like Clara or Rory (but more Rory because we actually like him), we have lost you many times, only to return again.

    Should this be the last time: goodnight sweet prince. may you rest in pieces. single tear, so sad.

  3. Well, it was fun while it lasted… At least I met some people from here on Twitter, so it won’t be completely destroyed. I understand how muh of a pain funding can be, and it makes sense that this would be the thing to cut down.

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