No Strings Attached


Welcome to Pleasant City, the best place ever. Behold the people cartwheeling with joy. Don’t they look happy? And all of this was made possible by everyone’s best friend, the Puppeteer!

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The Doctor
The Puppeteer
Old Man

Written by
Theme Tune
Sound Design
Cover Art
Produced by

Daniel Sherratt
David McLaughlin
Beckie Hough
Matthew Chambers
Ronan Goron
Jon Gransden
Gary Gillespie
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy

Phoenix Smith
Daniel Sherratt
Daniel Sherratt
Billy Treacy
Billy Treacy
Daniel Sherratt & Billy Treacy

2 thoughts on “No Strings Attached”

  1. A brilliant and exciting story with lots of fun and scary momnets. 9/10. Love all the creepy but wimical puppet voices too. Definatly’ Phoenix’s better AW story (so far).

    I wasn’t sure weather to give this story a ‘PG’ or ’12’ rating. But I think it should be a ’12’ due to horror and violence.

    Rated 12: Contains moderate horror, violence & scary scenes. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over. Not to be supplied to anyone below that age.

  2. Awesome episode. The story telling in this was fantastic and the voice work from the cast involved was well done. Well worth the wait!

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