Multiple Doctors


Multiple Doctors

“There’s half a dozen of me, I’m afraid…”

There come times in the universe when just one Doctor is not enough…


Three incarnations of the Doctor are brought together to do battle against a rogue Time Lord known only as the Scientist.

Originally Released: 15th November 2013


The Doctors are all brought together by a man whose life they have collectively made hell: Jim.

Originally Released: 7th February – 21st March 2014


War of the Doctors
The Doctors are summoned together to stop an incarnation that has gone rogue. As uneasy alliances are made and two immense forces gather against one another, the universe beings to unravel into chaos; The Doctor is at war with himself.

Originally Released: 31st January – 8th April 2015

Short Trips: The Greatest of Friends
The Doctor. The Doctors. One Time Lord. Five men. One woman. And who knows how many more lie in wait? With all those incarnations, you’re bound to bump into yourself once in a while, and it’s not likely you’ll be getting along with yourself.

Originally Released: 31st October 2015 – 29th January 2016