War of the Doctors


Part One
A call to arms brings The Doctors to Cardiff, where a mysterious woman is awaiting them…

Originally Released: 31st January 2015


Part Two
Whilst three Doctors search for answers, a fourth strikes an alliance with their deadliest enemies.

Originally Released: 6th February 2015


Part Three
The Doctors have to build up a force capable of stopping their rogue incarnation and his horde of Daleks.

Originally Released: 12th February 2015


Part Four
On the eve of war, billions of lives hang in the balance. Can The Doctors prevent mass slaughter at the hands of one of their own?

Originally Released: 13th March 2015


Part Five
An immense battle commences that will disrupt time and space alike.

Originally Released: 31st March 2015


Part Six
The Doctors are captured, the rogue incarnation is victorious, and a shocking revelation is set to change their lives forever…

Originally Released: 8th April 2015