The Dynamite Doctor


The Dynamite Doctor
Played by Jon Gransden


He’s got a trendy coat and a catchphrase that’ll blow your mind. This Doctor’s hobbies include letting other people sacrifice themselves for him, with a bit of mild perversion on the side.


Dynamite of the Doctor
The Doctor and his companion Tulip encounter a problem whilst inside the TARDIS, and The Doctor opens up about his past. Again.

Originally Released: 24th December 2013


Convolution of the Doctor
The Doctor and his latest replaceable companion Christie travel to Cardiff to meet a new old friend, but a new old enemy from the Time War has other ideas.

Originally Released: 27th March – 10th April 2014


Wave One: Boom Goes the Dynamite
Join the Doctor and Christie on their first wave of totally dynamite adventures as they face the dreaded Daleks, the malevolent Mr Blobby, one sad Sontaran, Satan himself and a man made out of footballs.

Originally Released: 10th June – 4th September 2015


Wave Two: Howdy Sweetpea
Coming soon…

Release Date: TBA