Wave One: The Pug in the Machine


1.1 Evil of the TARDIS
The Doctor and his newest companion Martin the Pug confront an enemy within the walls of their own home.

Originally Released: 20th September 2013


1.2 Patience of the Daleks
A long line of spaceships are queuing up towards Earth, and a set of old enemies are within it.

Originally Released: 7th October 2013


1.3 The English Country Garden
It’s Oxford in the 1940s, and the TARDIS landing on a flowerbed sets off an extraordinary chain of events.

Originally Released: 21st October 2013


1.4 The Pug Masterplan
The Doctor discovers the truth about Martin’s purpose in the TARDIS during a confrontation with his best enemy: the Master.

Originally Released: 1st November 2013