Wave Three: Darker Paths


3.1 Mortal Pomposity
After a mysterious force drives the TARDIS towards a white void, the Doctor is shown a vision that reveals his darkest fears.

Originally Released: 2nd September 2014


3.2 The Deadly Killer
There’s been a murder. In the future.

Originally Released: 8th September 2014


3.3 The Corner of the Universe
The Cybermen have been hiding away for thousands of years. Again. Now, after all this time, they’re back and stronger than ever with a new design. Again.

Originally Released: 15th September 2014


3.4 Daleks of the Apocalypse – Part One
Zombies stumble across the streets of Cardiff and Dalek saucers surround the Earth. Meanwhile, The Doctor meets someone important from his future.

Originally Released: 25th September 2014


3.5 Daleks of the Apocalypse – Part Two
Daleks are the masters of Earth.

Originally Released: 17th October 2014


3.6 Flicker
The TARDIS lands in a plague pit in 1353. Separated from his ship, The Doctor, Wren and Tim must tackle an ancient enemy from their future.

Originally Released: 6th November 2014


3.7 The Story Teller
“I’m going to tell you a story about a world where stories are illegal to be told… That is, until The Doctor arrived…”

Originally Released: 18th November 2014


3.8 Five Credits a Month
In an attempt to make The Doctor a better man, Wren and Tim take him to Planet Debitron, a world suffering from poverty. That is, if you believe the charity appeals…

Originally Released: 12th December 2014


3.9 Martin’s Last Bark – Part One
With the entire universe in pursuit of The Doctor, it seems time is finally starting to catch up with him.

Originally Released: 16th December 2014


3.10 Martin’s Last Bark – Part Two
It’s time to stop running…

Originally Released: 17th December 2014