Wave Two: Walkies in the Death Zone


2.0 A Pompous New Year
The Doctor and Martin transmit a message through space and time for you loyal listeners.

Originally Released:31st December 2013


2.1 The Eleven Doctors
Eleven Doctors, one room, and the most convoluted plot conceivable.

Originally Released: 3rd January 2014


2.2 Off to the Shops
A lack of dog food brings the Doctor to a cosmic supermarket, where a few old enemies are lying in wait.

Originally Released: 9th January 2014


2.3 A Good Pug Goes to War
In a case of mistaken identity, Martin becomes the King of an entire planet. Meanwhile, the Doctor is put into prison for kidnapping – and there’s someone waiting there for him.

Originally Released: 28th January 2014


2.4 Death to the Davros
Davros is dying, and his final visitor also happens to be his mortal enemy.

Originally Released: 2nd February 2014