The Sorry Doctor


The Sorry Doctor
Played by Daniel Sherratt

“I dislike confrontation.”

Polite and apologetic, this Doctor has in manners what he lacks in genuine heroism. Most of the time, he’ll be found having to escape from a number of awkward situations.


A Sorry State of Affairs
A newly regenerated Doctor spreads chaos across the quiet village of Pastelbury, while he tries to find himself in the wake of a personal meltdown.

Originally Released: 2nd June 2015


Wave One: On the Line
Follow The Doctor and his companion David as they attempt to free themselves from one difficult situation after another.

Originally Released: 29th November – 20th December 2013


Wave Two: The Search for Ireland
After a mishap involving vomit, the TARDIS has refused to return to Ireland, forcing The Doctor to commence a quest to find David’s homeland – the long way around.

Originally Released: 2nd May 2014 – 24th June 2014


Wave Three: Further Apologies
To the rest of the universe, he’s still useless. To the rest of the universe, nothing has changed. Because that’s what he wants it to think.

Originally Released: 4th July – TBC 2016