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FiveWhoFans release weekly YouTube videos with reviews, sketches and a lot of brilliant nonsense. You’ll recognise quite a lot of their voices from our stories…

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Doctor Who
Of course, we aren’t actually allowed not to recommend the official website for the official series. We must also ask you to support all the official releases of the BBC show. It’s got Peter Capaldi in it and it’s quite good.


Big Finish
These guys are the pros, and they’ve got all the living Classic Doctors off on new adventures. Some really wonderful stories are to be found; we recommend ScherzoDavros, and The One Doctor, all for different reasons.



Timetunnel Media
After a ten year hiatus, Timetunnel Media are returning with a new set of audio dramas, produced by our good friends Benji Clifford and Christopher Thomson. As well as stories featuring their own original Doctors, they’re also bringing out a few featuring the Second Doctor. Give Red Snow and Freedom of the Daleks a listen.


DAM Productions
Fan audios that we have stumbled upon follow two new incarnations of The Doctor. Expect exciting and imagination-fuelled adventures. Tempromancy of the Daleks is an absolute cracker.